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Conference Venue Cape Town

At Cape Conference Centre we pride ourselves in our offering unparalleled client/customer-centered service across the board.

We have aligned ourselves with several service providers that offer expertise in specific key areas of business development.

These organisations have held hugely successful conferences at Cape Conference Centre and may well benefit your business.

Feel free to contact them and enquire how they could help you through a conference event at our venue.

DS Events & Team Building

DS Events & Team Building

If you're looking for a Team Building facilitator / organiser, look no further.

Established in September 2015 as DS Solution Bookings, Rui Santos set out to provide a booking service to the business sector in providing Musical Artists, MC’s & Sound & Lighting to corporate events.
The business very quickly took a turn in December 2015 in the alliance that was built with Bubble Soccer Cape Town & In February 2016, DS Solution Bookings began to service & administer Bubble Soccer Cape Towns bookings.

October 2016 saw a radical shift in the business with a total make over & name change to “DS Events” along with the birth of our website for ease of communication & presentation to our clients. Today DSE has built up some healthy relationships with it’s clients in the various areas of service that is delivered & with every passing month new customers & team members get added.

Growing in the “Team Building” events & the provision of Kiddies Activities to various Schools & events, DSE is proud to be adding it’s very own product to the mix “The Ga-ga Pit“ along with the new additions from its suppliers such as Wipe out & Dart Soccer, these new products are said to bring 2018 alive. Please check out the various pages for their set launch dates.

Currently servicing clients such as Stellenbosch University, (WPMC) Killarney Race Track & “A Song & Dance Through The Ages” Show & Elkanah High School to name a few, DS Events is excited to be broadening it’s client base while still servicing those that have an ongoing relationship. We hoping to be adding you to our list & being of service to you in the ongoing future.


Contact: Rui Santos, Tel. no: 083 259 1616, Email:

NIB - Neuroscience Institute for Business

NIB - Neuroscience Institute for Business

Optimise Performance
Developing managers’ skills.

Maximise Potential
Coaching to significantly enhance people’s effectiveness.

Leadership Development
Training managers to lead successfully.

Make Better Decisions
Coaching leaders and teams in making better decisions.

Increased Profits
Diagnosing & changing factors that affect the bottom-line.

Right Person Right Job
Social style analysis that greatly benefits your organisation.

Increased Cohesion
Reduce staff turnover and increase cohesion.




Leadership Development Cape Town

The Health Mentor

Prof. Celene Bernstein - The Health Mentor

Prof. Celene Bernstein is one of the first South African trained Health Coaches with professional accreditation in SA.

This gives her the ability to practice as a health coach helping people to follow a client centred nutrition programme with lifestyle coaching.

Prof. Celene is truly fascinated in the psychology of change.
Coaching is firmly rooted in the belief that behavioural change and success in achieving health is a mindset process.

She has found when her clients are focused and have a clear 'wellness vision' which reflects what is important to them - rather than just a set of goals - they are able to understand how to find the motivation they need to change.
As a result, they can now transform their health and enjoy living a full, healthy and vibrant life.

It doesn’t matter where you live, as Prof. Celene does offer online coaching support to people anywhere in the world.

Zest4life Wellness Practitioner | Health Coach and Mentor | Member of Health Coaches Association (HCA) | Member: COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa | B.A. (Wits), Dip. Applied Nutrition (Life Science Inst.) | Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, IFM (USA) 2012


Health Mentor